Print a Forest!

Their Slogan ‘ Little messages… Plant big Trees’ . Download their program and for every 100 pages you print they or their sponsor’s plant a tree for you.

How? Well there is a small price to pay, but that price is infinitesimal compared to printing in the knowledge that your not just taking but putting something back. Across every printed page will appear a short sentence from one of their sponsors. Coupled with FSC assured paper we’re onto a winner… So click here

Posted 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago


To me the whole environmental movement, whilst being brought to our attention through our negative impacts (no need to name them) is and should be a wholly positive and exciting opportunity. A chance to solve, to change, to live more holistically, to be in balance and to co exist. 

Well Permacyclists (Anna and Dave) have left NY to travel to Rio +20, by bus, along the way they are making sharp short films about inspirational grassroot movement’s; their tagline “NY to Rio in Search of the Good News About the Environment”. Is there a better way to celebrate our movement towards sustainability in time for Rio+20?

Check them out, follow them, watch their mini shorts and be inspired…

Posted 1 year ago